Myeloperoxidase , Human Neutrophil

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) was found to be a key oxidant-producing enzyme during inflammation and it appeared to be upregulated in the ventral midbrain of human PD. It has been suggested that inhibitors of MPO “may provide a protective benefit in PD”. Although unexpected, myeloperoxidase expression was found in neurons and it increased in brain tissue showing AD neuropathology. Thus it is possible that MPO contributes to the oxidative stress implicated in the pathogenesis of the neurodegenerative disorder.

Catalog ID: A-2007-1


  • Product Details

    • Size: 100 µg
    • Physical State: Lyophilized from 50 mM Na acetate, pH 6.0 with 100 mM NaCl
    • Temperature Storage: -20°C
    • Temperature Shipping: Ambient
    • Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE
    • Molecular Mass: 150,000 Da
  • References

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