We understand these are trying times and we are here to help keep your research moving forward.

As we closely monitor the situation at hand, rPeptide will remain fully operational and continue to practice all safety protocol while taking precautionary measures to ensure there are no interruptions to your research. From our catalog products to our laboratory services, please let us know how we can assist with your research needs.

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rPeptide staff inspecting a productrPeptide is a biotechnology company with offices located in and around Athens, Georgia, USA, and is a market leader in providing research products (recombinant peptides and proteins, antibodies, reagents) for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease research. rPeptide also provides a range of custom services from molecular biology, protein expression and purification, to 13C and 15N uniform labeling of peptides and proteins.

rPeptide has a proprietary platform vector technology that enables the expression of historically difficult peptides/proteins as soluble peptides/proteins (like beta-amyloid, leptin, pro-insulin) in E. coli.

rPeptide’s product line offers many Ultra Pure peptides and most products are ‘net peptide content’ and not ‘total content.’