Lab Services

Lab Services 

Our team is equipped and ready to take on your projects from start to finish to help bring ease to your research.  

Services available but not limited to: 

  • Crude Protein Extraction: When you only require a raw protein directly from cell lysate instead of a highly purified protein. We will perform all molecular biology and bacterial work before sending supernatant material from the lysed bacteria. 
  • Lyophilization: Send in your liquid protein solutions and have us freeze-dry them with our industrial lyophilizers. 
  • Quality Control Development: We can analyze the purity of your target molecule or develop a method of analysis on HPLC. We use our analytical HPLC systems and expertise for your QC development. 

rPeptide will take on your contract research projects from start to finish. 

Contact us at with your lab needs and we will respond with a custom quote within 24-72 business hours.  

All projects are carried out in a collaborative manner and complete confidentiality is assured. 

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