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rPeptide bottles of beta amyloid

Beta-Amyloid Peptides

BA(1-40),NH4OH, BA(1-42),HFIP N15 BA(1-42)

rPeptide Synuclein

Synuclein Proteins

A-Syn, N15 A-Syn, A-Syn, Mouse A-Syn Mutants

rPeptide Tau Proteins

Tau Proteins

Tau-441, Tau-352, C13 Tau-441, FITC Tau-441

Contract Services

Contract Services

Custom Peptides & Proteins Lab Services

Market leading biotechnology supplier

With offices located in and around Athens, Georgia, USA, rPeptide is a market leader in providing recombinant peptides, proteins, antibodies, and reagents for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative research. rPeptide also provides a wide range of custom services as molecular biology, protein expression and purification, C13 and N15 uniform labeling of peptides and proteins.