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Alpha-Synuclein, 96-140

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Alpha-Synuclein, 96-140
0.5 mg
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Recombinant. A DNA sequence encoding the human alpha-synuclein (96-140) sequence was expressed in E. coli. Additional amino acid (Met) is attached at the N-terminus.
A deletion mutant of a-synuclein (amino acids 96-140). Alpha-Synuclein (a-Synuclein) is a 14 kD (140 amino acids) acidic presynaptic protein. It is a major component of Parkinson's disease aggregates and is implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. a-Synuclein accumulates in the brains of sporadic Parkinson's disease patients as a major component of Lewy bodies, which are intraneuronal cytoplasmic inclusions characteristic of Parkinson's disease. a-Synuclein appears to associate with other proteins that aggregate and is found in a-amyloid plaques and neuritic tangles in Alzheimer's disease,6.
Molecular Mass
5217.56 Da
>95% by SDS-PAGE
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