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Tau and Related proteins

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Product Name Catalog No. Size Price
Tau 3G3NewTA-3012-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau 3G3NewTA-3012-21 mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau 4C10NewTA-3011-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau 4C10NewTA-3011-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau 9D8 AntibodyNewTA-3010-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau 9D8 AntibodyNewTA-3010-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total 12C2NewTA-3015-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau total 12C2NewTA-3015-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total 18B5NewTA-3016-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau total 18B5NewTA-3016-21 mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total 4B5NewTA-3013-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau total 4B5NewTA-3013-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total 7E5NewTA-3017-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau total 7E5NewTA-3017-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total 8F10NewTA-3014-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau total 8F10NewTA-3014-21 mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau total pAB 64NewTA-3020-1100ul$245Buy Now
Tau total pAB 64NewTA-3020-21 mg$1,920Buy Now
Tau-10D3 AntibodyNewTA-3004-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-10D3 AntibodyNewTA-3004-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-10F8 AntibodyNewTA-3007-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-10F8 AntibodyNewTA-3007-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-1A6 AntibodyNewTA-2001-150ug$150Buy Now
Tau-1A6 AntibodyNewTA-2001-2100ug$275Buy Now
Tau-1A6 AntibodyNewTA-2001-31.0mg$1,700Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2002NewTA-2002-150ug$1,230Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2002NewTA-2002-2100ug$1,850Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2003NewTA-2003-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2003NewTA-2003-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2004NewTA-2004-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2004NewTA-2004-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2005NewTA-2005-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2005NewTA-2005-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2006NewTA-2006-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2006NewTA-2006-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2007NewTA-2007-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2007NewTA-2007-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2008NewTA-2008-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-1A6 Antibody Kit TA-2008NewTA-2008-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-1E7 AntibodyNewTA-3001-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-1E7 AntibodyNewTA-3001-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-1F3 AntibodyNewTA-3005-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-1F3 AntibodyNewTA-3005-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-2B11, Monoclonal Antibody, Anti-human phospho-231TA-3008-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-2B11, Monoclonal Antibody, Anti-human phospho-231TA-3008-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-4G11 AntibodyNewTA-1001-150ug$150Buy Now
Tau-4G11 AntibodyNewTA-1001-2100ug$275Buy Now
Tau-4G11 AntibodyNewTA-1001-31.0mg$1,700Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody KitNewTA-1002-150ug$875Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody KitNewTA-1002-2100ug$1,295Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1003NewTA-1003-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1003NewTA-1003-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1004NewTA-1004-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1004NewTA-1004-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1005NewTA-1005-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1005NewTA-1005-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1006NewTA-1006-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1006NewTA-1006-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1007NewTA-1007-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1007NewTA-1007-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1008NewTA-1008-150ug$300Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1008NewTA-1008-2100ug$475Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1009NewTA-1009-150ug$1,350Buy Now
Tau-4G11 Antibody Kit TA-1009NewTA-1009-2100ug$2,050Buy Now
Tau-5G7 AntibodyNewTA-3009-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-5G7 AntibodyNewTA-3009-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-8B11 AntibodyNewTA-3002-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-8B11 AntibodyNewTA-3002-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-8D2 AntibodyNewTA-3003-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-8D2 AntibodyNewTA-3003-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-9C8 AntibodyNewTA-3006-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-9C8 AntibodyNewTA-3006-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-E2+E3 9E11NewTA-3019-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-E2+E3 9E11NewTA-3019-21mg$2,800Buy Now
Tau-E3 2B6NewTA-3018-1100ug$350Buy Now
Tau-E3 2B6NewTA-3018-21mg$2,800Buy Now