Alpha Synuclein 5G4 Antibody

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Alpha Synuclein 5G4 Antibody
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α-Synuclein is a 140 amino acid protein that is physiologically found mainly in a presynaptic location. It belongs to the class of intrinsically unstructured proteins and it is characterized by a remarkable conformational plasticity. Indeed, it may stay unfolded, or adopt an amyloidogenic partially folded conformation, or fold into α-helical or β-structural species, both monomeric and oligomeric. In addition to the formation of oligomers, biochemical modifications like nitration and phosphorylation occur. A major role of α-synuclein was suggested for a group of neurodegenerative diseases called α-synucleinopathies. These include disorders that show mainly neuron-related accumulation of α-synuclein, like Parkinson`s disease (PD) and Lewy body dementia (LBD), while multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a disease characterized mainly by oligodendroglial cytoplasmic inclusions. 5G4 is the first monoclonal antibody worldwide that clearly recognizes a β-sheet depending epitope and specifically binds to pathological relevant α-synuclein oligomers in neuropathology. It can be used as capture antibody in immunoassays or as detector in immunoblots. 5G4 has been shown to work within ELISA, Western Blot, as well as Immunhistochemistry experiments.
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