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Anti-Canine Coronavirus (Self-pair) Antibody

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Anti-Canine Coronavirus (Self-pair) Antibody
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Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large group of enveloped positive-sense RNA viruses. They belong to subfamily Coronavirinae, in the family of Coronaviridae, of the order of Nidovirales. Coronaviruses infect a number of mammalian species such as dogs. Two types of Coronaviruses have been identified in dogs: CCoV type I, and CCoV type II. Both the types of viruses are eligible to be detected in the same dog, however, due to genetic recombination events, CCoV type II is further divided into two sub-types: CCoV type IIa and CCoV type IIb. About 20% of the canine coronavirus infections are of CCoV type I, whereas 44% of the infections are of CCoV type II. Coronavirus infections in dogs are limited to the intestine, and results in only mild enteritis.
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