We understand these are trying times and we are here to help keep your research moving forward.

As we closely monitor the situation at hand, rPeptide will remain fully operational and continue to practice all safety protocol while taking precautionary measures to ensure there are no interruptions to your research. From our catalog products to our laboratory services, please let us know how we can assist with your research needs.

Contract Services

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Recombinant Expression of Peptides and Proteins

peptide and protein recombinant expression contract servicesWe specialize in projects encompassing one or more of our core areas of expertise:

  • Molecular biology: DNA preparations, Cloning, Mutagenesis
  • Protein expression: Analytical to pilot scale
  • Fermentation: Process development and bench to pilot scale
  • Downstream processing: From process development to purified peptides/proteins

rPeptide's comprehensive molecular biology and protein services will assist you from cloning to purified peptides/proteins. All projects are carried out in a collaborative manner. Complete confidentiality is assured. Please contact our Contract Research Division to discuss your project.

Uniform Labeling of Peptides and Proteins

rPeptide scientists have extensive experience in uniformly labeling peptides/proteins. rPeptide is the only company in the world making uniformly 15N, 13C, 13C+15N labeled recombinant beta-amyloid peptides. Please contact our Contract Research Division to discuss how our scientists can assist you in uniformly labeling your peptides/proteins.

Synthetic Peptide Synthesis

We offer solid and solution phase peptide synthesis including a whole range of modifications. Please send the details of your peptide synthesis need to our Custom Peptide Synthesis Division.