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Product Name Catalog No. Size Price
15N Tau-441 (2N4R) Uniform LabeledT-1101-150ug$550Buy Now
15N Tau-441 (2N4R) Uniform LabeledT-1101-2100ug$795Buy Now
15N, Alpha-Synuclein, Uniform LabelS-1004-10.5 mg$450Buy Now
15N, Alpha-Synuclein, Uniform LabelS-1004-21.0 mg$750Buy Now
Alpha 1 AntichymotrypsinA-2002-1100 µg$60Buy Now
Alpha Synuclein MouseNewS-1010-10.5mg$300Buy Now
Alpha Synuclein MouseNewS-1010-21.0mg$500Buy Now
Alpha-SynucleinS-1001-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-SynucleinS-1001-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, 1-60S-1011-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, 1-95S-1012-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, 112 (NACP 112)S-1016-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, 61-140S-1013-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, 96-140S-1014-10.5 mg$425Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A30P mutantS-1005-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A30P mutantS-1005-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A30P, A53T mutantS-1006-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A30P, A53T mutantS-1006-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A53T mutantS-1002-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, A53T mutantS-1002-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, Delta NACS-1015-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, E46K mutantS-1008-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Alpha-Synuclein, E46K mutantS-1008-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Apomorphine HCI HemihydrateNewN-3027-1100 mg$40Buy Now
Apomorphine HCI HemihydrateNewN-3027-2500 mg$120Buy Now
Beta-amyloid,1-42, E22 deletionA-1028-21.0 mg$950Buy Now
Beta-SynucleinS-1003-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Beta-SynucleinS-1003-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
ChymotrypsinA-2005-1100 µg$150Buy Now
CTPBNewN-3001-15 mg$45Buy Now
CTPBNewN-3001-225 mg$180Buy Now
FK-506NewN-3024-120 mg$100Buy Now
FK-506NewN-3024-2100 mg$350Buy Now
Gamma-SynucleinS-1007-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Gamma-SynucleinS-1007-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
Gamma-Synuclein, MouseS-1009-10.5 mg$300Buy Now
Gamma-Synuclein, MouseS-1009-21.0 mg$500Buy Now
MyeloperoxidaseA-2007-1100 µg$75Buy Now
P7C3NewN-3004-15 mg$60Buy Now
P7C3NewN-3004-225 mg$240Buy Now
Tau Protein Ladder, of all 6 isoformsT-1007-150 µl$100Buy Now
Tau Protein Ladder, of all 6 isoformsT-1007-2100 µl$175Buy Now
Tau Starter KitT-1170-150 µg$1,100Buy Now
Tau Starter KitT-1170-2100 µg$1,850Buy Now
Tau-352, (0N3R)T-1006-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-352, (0N3R)T-1006-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-381, (1N3R)T-1004-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-381, (1N3R)T-1004-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-383, (0N4R)T-1005-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-383, (0N4R)T-1005-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-410, (2N3R)T-1002-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-410, (2N3R)T-1002-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-412, (1N4R)T-1003-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-412, (1N4R)T-1003-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R)T-1001-150 µg$225Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R)T-1001-2100 µg$375Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R), G272V mutantT-1013-150 µg$300Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R), P301L mutantT-1014-150 µg$300Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R), R406W mutantT-1011-150 µg$300Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R), V248L mutantT-1015-150 µg$300Buy Now
Tau-441, (2N4R), V337M mutantT-1012-150 µg$300Buy Now
TransferrinA-2010-1100 mg$80Buy Now