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Amino Acid Codes

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Amino Acid Three letter code One letter code MW
Alanine Ala A 89.09
Arginine Arg R 174.20
Asparagine Asn N 132.12
Aspartic Acid Asp D 133.10
Cysteine Cys C 121.16
Glutamic Acid Glu E 147.13
Glutamine Gln Q 146.15
Glycine Gly G 75.07
Histidine His H 155.16
Isoleucine Ile I 131.18
Leucine Leu L 131.18
Lysine Lys K 146.19
Methionine Met M 149.21
Phenylalanine Phe F 165.19
Proline Pro P 115.13
Serine Ser S 105.09
Threonine Thr T 119.12
Tryptophan Trp W 204.23
Tyrosine Tyr Y 181.19
Valine Val V 117.15