Potent catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitor (IC50 = 14.3, 20.1 and 73.3 nM for rat liver soluble COMT, total COMT and membrane-bound COMT respectively). Increases bioavailability of L-DOPA as adjunct therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Inhibits a- synuclein aggregation in vitro and inhibits a-synuclein-induced cell death in PC-12 cells. Antioxidant. Inhibits oxidative stress-induced cell death.

Catalog ID: CV-1012-2


  • Product Details

    • Size: 50.0mg
    • Physical State: Yellow Powder
    • Temperature Storage: -20°C
    • Temperature Shipping: Ambient
    • Molecular Mass: 305.3
  • References

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