We understand these are trying times and we are here to help keep your research moving forward.

As we closely monitor the situation at hand, rPeptide will remain fully operational and continue to practice all safety protocol while taking precautionary measures to ensure there are no interruptions to your research. From our catalog products to our laboratory services, please let us know how we can assist with your research needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Can we receive discounts on rPeptide products?
You may be eligible for a discount when placing a bulk order. Please contact us to request a quotation before placing your order.
Can you label a purified peptide that I provide?
Unfortunately, it would not be an option for us to label purified proteins that you provide. The labeling of the protein has to occur as the protein is being produced; we give it 15N nitrogen source. If you would be interested in having us produce a labeled peptide or if you have any further questions please let us know.
How can I achieve batch to batch consistency of Physical and Chemical Properties?
Due to the fact that our beta-amyloids are recombinantly produced, there is a batch to batch consistency in the physical and chemical properties of all our recombinant beta-amyloid peptides.
How can I find rPeptide's citations?
You may find rPeptide's citations under the Publications tab. Citations are listed by Product, then by year.
How can your products be used?
Our products are not for human use, they are for research purposes only.
How may I request a price quotation for a custom product?
You may email the quantity, purity and sequence you would like to info@rpeptide.com.
What if I cannot find the answer to my question online?
Please feel free to email us at techsupport@rpeptide.com for other inquires.
Why does solubility vary from product to product?
The key factor that determines the solubility of our products is the amino acid sequence of each one. In the preparation of our products, we analyze the amino acid sequences and prepare our products in buffers that they solubilize in readily.
Why must some products ship on dry ice?
Some products must be stored at -70°C and therefore cannot ship at room temperature. To maintain the integrity of the product, it will ship on dry ice. Additional charges will apply for dry ice shipments.